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Introducing Pinnable

Hello. I’m Hans, and welcome to my website. Basically, Pinnable is a map with pins on places worth a visit — that is, if you like what my family likes. We normally arrange a home exchange for going on holiday, and we always had a stack of brochures at home with local travel destinations for our guests. We did our own holiday planning by mapping the places recommended by our hosts and friends on Google Maps. This website now combines these two activities, so that you can benefit from our efforts as well.

Pinnable’s strength is its limitation: it only displays those places that locals would recommend. It’s not overcrowded like many commercial websites that highlight hotels, restaurants and other paid-for stuff you will not be interested in, because on Pinnable you just get personal advice from friends. It’s true that, for example, Pinnable’s 125+ suggestions for Berlin already make it complicated to pick & choose what you want to see there, but it’s definitely easier to get a quick overview here than on Lonely Planet or TripAdvisor.

Once a city or a region accumulates twenty or so pins, it will get its own home page. When this happens, Pinnable’s scope will immediately become wider: I will start to include sights that would not qualify as a travel destination, but that might be of interest when in the neighbourhood, such as a famous statue or a building that you cannot visit but that has an interesting facade. Such a home page is likely to include suggestions for food and shopping as well.

If you want to suggest places to put on the map, please drop me a line. I’d be happy to add them, as long as they fit Pinnable’s editorial concept. The website also features a pinboard for holiday home exchange. If you want to have your family home (suitable for five people or more) listed here for house swapping, please let me know. For information on how to contact me, please follow the link below.

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Boring! It’s all about museums, and places, and stuff.